“Made by an acupuncturist for his daughter's skin, and great for your skin too.”


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Emily Skin Soothers products are natural and effective skin care solutions for babies and adults, powered by herbs. Our products are made with sensitive skin in mind, in fact, they were initially created for our own baby see (Our Story).

Our goal is to make wonderful and extremely effective products that have very few, simple and natural ingredients. Our thinking is: If you can create an effective product that has only a handful of natural ingredients, why complicate things?

We create products for people who read labels and care about what they put in their body and on their skin. We are voluntary signers of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and have pledged to avoid all suspect or questionable ingredients. The Cosmetic Safety database has evaluated and rated our products to be a zero on a scale of zero to ten (low hazard to high hazard). You can see those ratings here: www.cosmeticsdatabase.com

Our Emily and our family uses these products on a daily basis, so they NEVER contain:

• Parabens • Petroleum Products • Colorants • SLS • Preservatives • Artificial Fragrances • Additives or any other synthetic ingredients •

Our customers (and most importantly our Emily) have reported our products helping soothe and beautify skin affected by:

• Baby Eczema (dry type) • Diaper Rash • Adult dry type eczema• Flaking, dry psoriasis • Chapped and Cracked hands • Cracked feet and cuticles • And many other presentations of dry, irritated, chapped, red, rough, flaking skin •**

We hope you'll have a look through the rest of the site and give us a try. We are confident that we will be able to help you and we back up that confidence with a very strong belief in customer service and a great return policy. We look forward to soothing your skin.


Mike Arsenault,
Founder and Dad
Emily Skin Soothers, Inc.

What People Are Saying About Emily Skin Soother

Many Uses for the Whole Family

I use emily skin soothers for mainly for my daughter. however, my husband & i have been using it as well for chapped fingertips. My daughter Kaylee is 6 years old, and since she was an infant, has had moderate eczema. While she has outgrown the severity of eczema, she still has very dry skin, and if not moisturized properly, she tends to itch it raw. Emily is part of her morning, mid-day and nightly routine. It is used now mostly on her lower area of her legs & ankles, however it is always used on various spots of her body whereever flare ups occur, like her lower back, face, etc. We rely on Emily to help keep the irritation at bay, and to lock her moisture on her skin. We will continue to use it because of its natural & safe ingredients, and because of the care & love of the product, thanks to Mike & Emily. Kaylee uses the Super Dry & the Diaper Skin Soother.

For myself, I have suffered from eczema on my fingertips due to acrylic nails, and even when I do not have acrylics on, my fingertips are still so dry due to constant handwashing. Emily tends to keep my fingertips soothed. My husband uses it for the same purpose. We use the Diaper Skin Soother.

I hope anyone interested in the product will give it a try. It has many uses, and it's great to take with you where ever you go ( just don't leave it in the car or anyplace hot ! )

Thanks Mike !
A loyal & happy Emily customer for many years ! ”

–Rachel Guler, super mom of 3

Itching Quiet After 7 Years and Many Failed Treatments

I am thrilled to tell you how very pleased we are with Emily Skin Soother! Our 7-year-old son, Aidan, has had eczema since birth. We have tried every (and I do mean EVERY) pharmaceutical, homeopathic, herbal and anecdotal remedy on the planet. Some would help a bit, but none would completely clear up the itchy, scaly, inflamed and red skin he has suffered with for so long. Even the heavy-duty steroidal crèmes and $200-per-tube ‘new’ drugs prescribed by his dermatologist had little effect. Aidan (and the rest of our family of 5) has endured many a sleepless night due to being awakened by all the scratching. As a result, he has been treated for numerous skin infections.

When I heard about Emily Skin Soothers during the health segment of our local news broadcast, I placed an order. When it arrived, Aidan said “Oh, great…another cream that won’t work.” I’m happy to report that after three days of using Emily, we saw a distinct improvement in his skin. Two weeks later, he has NOT A TRACE of eczema symptoms. His skin is clear, soft and (best of all) not itchy!!!

We’re so grateful to have found your product, and are glad to support a family-run business. We’re aware that there is no “cure” for eczema, but, as long as there is Emily Skin Soother, Aidan is as good as cured. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!”

– Cheri Faso-Olf

“P.S. Emily clears up the stubborn dry skin on elbows in a FLASH!”

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Monthly Specials For January

5 Diaper Skin Soother Plus Special
5 Diaper Skin Soother Plus Special
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5 Furry Friend Soother Special
5 Furry Friend Soother Special
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5 Mixed Skin Soother Special
5 Mixed Skin Soother Special
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Unscented Skin Soother Family Size 7.4 oz
Unscented Skin Soother Family Size 7.4 oz
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3 Sample Size Sampler
3 Sample Size Sampler
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