Liquid Soap Soother

Emily Liquid Soap

Our liquid soap…. Wait until you see and try our Organic Liquid Soap Soother. It is unlike any liquid soap you have ever seen. Like all of the Emily products, it is made for people with sensitive skin and for people who are careful about what they put on their skin. It is organic certified, has no color, no fragrance, and is made with gentle, all-natural ingredients.

Then it is “super-fatted”. ‘What does that mean?’ you ask. Read on and we’ll explain...

We start with the gentlest organic soap/gel base made of rich, moistening and organic ingredients that will not strip your protective oils or make your skin drier:

  • • Saponified Organic Coconut Oil
  • • Saponified Organic Olive Oil
  • • Saponified Organic Jojoba Oil
  • • Organic Guar Gum Extract
  • • Organic Aloe Vera
  • • Rosemary Extract

There is absolutely nothing else in our soap base. NO parabens. NO Sodium Laurel or Laureth Sulfate (SLS). NO added color. NO added fragrances.

Then we take more Organic Olive Oil and cook in the following 4 herbs:

  • • Rehmannia Root
  • • Angelica Sinensis Root
  • • Dandelion Herb
  • • Field Mint

This herb-infused oil is then added back to our soap base. In traditional soap making, adding extra oils back into soap is called “super-fatting”. It makes for an extra moistening, silky and emollient soap.  

We do not know of any other ‘super-fatted’ liquid soap available. It simply is more expensive to make and most manufacturers are afraid that customers will be scared off by a product that settles. 

We are just the opposite. We’ve put it in a clear bottle so you can see that ‘super-fatted’ difference. If you let it sit for a while, those extra oils will settle. As it says on the label, “This is a natural product. If it settles, shake it! Shake it! Shake it!”  

We are confident that you have never seen or felt a liquid soap this gentle and soothing.

Our Liquid Soap Soother lathers wonderfully but does not strip or dry your skin. Use it from head to toe, for all your soap needs.

For people with dry skin conditions, soaps can be a huge factor. Most commercial soaps are TROUBLE. They smell and lather well, but they are full of harsh chemicals and fragrances which open your pores up and strip away your natural, protective oils, leaving you drier. Even soaps that are supposedly for ‘sensitive skin’ or for ‘infants’ are often full of harsh chemicals, just in smaller amounts. Emily and I both have sensitive skin and liquid soaps were almost impossible for us. That is why we had to make a healthy alternative.

If you have dry or sensitive skin you should use a natural soap with as few ingredients as possible. The more ingredients, the more your skin has to deal with and potentially react to. Read your labels to see how many unpronounceable ingredients are in most soap. Then, try our soap. We think you’ll find it leaves your skin clean, soft, and happy. Your skin will thank you.

What People Are Saying About Emily Skin Soother

Allergist Recommended — Eczema Symptoms Improve Tenfold

“After one year of constant itching, rashes and terrible discomfort, a very intelligent allergist determined I have a strange eczema with perhaps some allergic components. When asked what soap I was using I named about three that were "non-fragrance", non-soap, you name it- he suggested Emily soaps and skin soothers. I can honestly say that my symptoms have improved 10-fold with these products. You actually feel clean but not "dried" out like I did with all the other soaps. The liquid soap is fantastic and makes it easy to reach your back!!
Great products!!”

– Joanne H.

Scales and Itchiness of Psoriasis Greatly Reduced

“I have had psoriasis for over 15 years, calculated by my dermatologist to effect up to 20% of my body. I have tried all of the expensive creams/ointments prescribed by my dermatologist with only minimal effect. I started using Emily's Unscented Baby & Adult Skin Soother. This product has worked well on the scales and reddened areas. It has gotten rid of the scales and greatly reduced the reddened areas. It has also eliminated the itchiness. As Emily's products are all natural, I feel this is a much safer alternative to the biologics (which is the only other treatment that I haven't tried). I have recently started using Emily's Liquid Soap Soother which I love. As well as using it in the shower I have started putting some of the Liquid Soap in my jacuzzi which I find keeps my skin from drying out and leaves it soft. Are you planning any new products? How about shampoo??? Keep up the good work Mike!”

–Pat Marcoccio, RN