Liquid Soap Soother 8oz bottle

Liquid Soap Soother 8oz bottle

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Our Liquid Soap Soother is the gentlest liquid soap you have ever tried. This organic certified, skin soothing soap contains Saponified Organic Coconut, Olive and Jojoba Oils, Organic Guar Gum Extract, Organic Aloe Vera, Rosemary Extract and is powered by 4 herbs. NO colors, fragrances or anything else added. Use for all your soap needs from head to toe. Your skin will thank you.

**We are excited to announce that our newest product, Emily Liquid Soap Soother was judged to be extremely safe by the Cosmetic Safety Database. Like all the rest of our products, it was rated a zero (out of 10) for risk. In addition, they rated it in the top 4% of liquid soaps and body washes for safety, safer than 96% of the other 1,595 products rated.

To celebrate this great news and to give you a chance to try the Liquid Soap Soother at a discount, for a limited time we are offering $2.00 off each bottle, a 14% discount. Washing should be a pleasant experience for your skin. With our Liquid Soap Soother it is.**

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