“Made by an acupuncturist for his daughter's skin, and great for your skin too.”


Liquid Soap Refill (64 oz)

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Introducing our NEW 64 oz. / half gallon Liquid Soap Soother refill. We are all washing our hands a lot. You should use a gentle soap powered by herbs to keep your skin soft and happy. Don’t use harsh and drying soaps or they will shred your skin.

If your whole family is already using our Liquid Soap Soother you deserve a volume discount. Our half gallon (64 oz.) refill is 8 bottles worth, but you only pay for 7 bottles, a savings of 12.5 % off the regular price.

Use it for everything. You can use it in the shower, as a handsoap, even on your hair.

Rather than 8 bottles, 8 caps, 8 labels you get one of each, which is better on the environment.
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